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Halloween 2018


6.50 HD 2018 106 min
Still living in dread of having to face Michael, the person who has destroyed her life, lucky survivor, Laurie Strode, has been bracing herself up for the past forty years for yet another encounter with the maniacal serial killer. And, in 2018, four painful decades after the bloodbath in Haddonfield and the shocking events of Halloween (1978), her fears come true, as Myers escapes from the custody of Dr Sartain in Smith's Grove Sanitarium. Now, Michael's butcher knife has the final say, and even though no one seems to believe in the existence of pure evil, Laurie is determined to stand up for herself, and rid the town's nightmare once and for all. But, has she got what it takes to confront the Boogeyman?
6.4 of 1469